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Maui.  The name alone invokes a magical inner peace.  Go ahead and add mile-long stretches of white sand beaches gently washed by deep azure water, hundreds of shimmering waterfalls, a few lush rainforests, scores of hidden spots to find and explore, sweet floral fragrances mixed by the omnipresent, gentle tropical breezes, and you’ve got paradise.  To all that, blend in the sunsets!

Remember the rush of sweet, tropical air that greeted you when you first got off the plane?  How good it felt?  How it seemed to transport you to a place of pure joy and relaxation?  It’s more than a place.  It heals.  It’s Maui.

For me, it’s home.  I’ve been blessed and my greatest joy is to share that blessing with others.

Please bear with me as I build my site.

If you have any immediate needs, you may contact me at:  or 808-875-7504.


Stephen A. Fredrick R(S)


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